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Welcome to my web site describing the history and present use of the Old Dalby railway test track situated in the UK.

 News of visit by an S Stock set possibly for TBTC testing

In the late 1960's BR Research Division acquired two stretches of redundant lines near their HQ in Derby and these were subsequently converted into test tracks and used for numerous tests and trials which could not easily be conducted on the main lines.

The high speed line is situated on the Nottingham/Leicester border and was known as 'Old Dalby' after the name of the village next to the site of the control centre. The line is 13¾ miles (21 km) long and runs between Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire and Edwalton on the southern outskirts of Nottingham and originally formed part of the Midland Railway's route from Nottingham to Kettering.

The low speed line ran from Derby's former Great Northern station in Friargate to the junction with the line from Derby to Crewe at Egginton. The line was later truncated to run between Mickleover and Egginton but was closed in the 1990's when a new road was built over the formation and this coincided with the desire to reduce the Research Division's costs prior to privatisation. The site incorporates pages related to the Mickleover test track which I hope will be of interest.

After rationalisation of the Research Division in the late 1980's the Old Dalby line was taken over by the DM&EE and finally by Railtest but remained leased from the BR Property Board.

Following privatisation of the railways around 1994, the Old Dalby test track ownership was transferred to BRB (Residuary) Ltd. which was part of the Department for Transport and had taken over the remaining functions of the British Railways Board including the former BR Property Board.  In 2010 the government announced their intention to abolish a number of Quangos and BRB Residuary was amongst them.

In 1997 Serco Railtest came into being following purchase of part of the former DM&EE by Serco PLC.  The assets from the purchase included not only the operational responsibility for the Old Dalby test track but also the vehicle testing and infrastructure monitoring functions as well.

In late 2000, after a few years with minimal use by DM&EE & later Serco, the lease was re-negotiated and was transferred to Alstom Transport Limited who upgraded and electrified the line during 2001, specifically to test and commission the Virgin Pendolino trains. Although the line was formerly known as the Old Dalby Test Track, Alstom renamed it the Alstom Midlands Test Centre (AMTC), and under their ownership the HQ was moved from the original Old Dalby site to Asfordby, occupying various buildings at the former mine complex. 

However after completion of the Pendolino testing at the end of 2005, and the demise of Alstom as a train builder in the UK, the line remained little used for a couple of years and looked as if it might be closed altogether, but in early 2007 it was announced that Metronet had taken control of the line for its own future testing requirements with London Underground trains and Serco Assurance would operate it on their behalf. Balfour Beatty Rail Projects were invited to undertake a dilapidation survey and submitted proposals for over £3 million of work needed to bring the site up to the required standard.

The use of the line by conventional test trains, on what remains the only high speed test track in the UK was a distinct possibility, although it was a long time coming it finally happened in March 2010 with the arrival of Bombardier's London Overground 2-car class 172/0 DMU.

In October 2013 the BRB Residuary was abolished and the line passed to NR ownership since when various changes have taken place to the OHLE. A class 395 was tested with a different pantograph and a number of Hitachi IEP sets have been commissioned. Several Electrostar EMUs have also been tested

The use of the line by the SSL trains is a long term prospect expected to last into 2018 and the latest Aventra class 345 EMU for Crossrail are currently being commissioned. I think the main batch of class 710 units (for London Overground) are due to start arriving in the not too distant future, with the Rail Operations Group again handling the transfers to/from Old Dalby.

It would appear now that the line's future is secure.

News - not necessarily the latest

August 2018

An S Stock set was due to arrive last week for testing - possibly trainborne train control system(TBTC) but this was cancelled and has been re-arranged for Monday 6th August. This will be top'n'tailed using four GBRf class 20s which will transit to Barrow Hill after delivering the unit to Asfordby

See timings here

A GCR class 180 (180114) was due to arrive on 7th July to undertake ETCS testing for approx one week -

180114 at Doncaster in April 2012


June 2018

On the evening of 13th June 37099 'Merl Evans 1947-2016' top'n'tailed with rail blue 37025 on 1Z10 consist including the track recording coach and MENTOR from Derby RTC to Old Dalby. They plan to conduct high speed calibration runs overnight Wed/Thur and Thur/Friday returning to RTC at )4.00 on Friday 15th June

May 2018

Colas Rail's 37099 'Merl Evans 1947-2016' and 37254 'Cardiff Canton TMD' are visiting the test track on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd with the Track Inspection 2 (TIC2) set for calibration. Following a very lean period for infrastructure monitoring trains on the line, with Network Rail instead opting to undertake the majority of this work at High Marnham, there has been an upsurge in visits to Old Dalby again of late. The New Measurement Train HST was present last week during the middle part of the week for two nights of calibration.

Timings are here

On Monday 21st a high speed rail milling machine (HSM), DR79601 which is owned by Schweerbau was delivered to the test track. More information can be found here:

GBRf liveried 66744 'Crossrail' and British Rail large logo liveried 66789 'British Rail 1948-1997 are seen passing East Midlands Parkway station this morning, top and tailing the 6X01 0800 High Marnham - Old Dalby with the HSM unit in consist.

Ben Wheeler

66744 is seen again on the rear at Melton Junction.

Ben Wheeler

66789 approaching Melton Junction, after the train had reversed in Platform One at Melton.

Ben Wheeler

After first visiting the High Marnham test facility in Nottinghamshire, it will then be hauled to Old Dalby on Monday 21st to commence five days of testing. On Friday it returns to the RTC at Derby.

Full timings for the moves are here

There are two videos on YouTube by 'Daveszed' featuring cab rides up and down the test track - here and here

I intend to continue to expand the site and add new or different pictures as they become available. If you have any questions about either of the test tracks, past or present, or can offer any anecdotes or material which would enhance the site, please feel free to e-mail me - see Feedback page for details

During its history the line between Melton and Nottingham has seen many changes. Below is a selection of pages which describe the test track today and in its distant and recent past, including numerous photographs of the different eras with comments where appropriate. I have also included a few related topics, which I think may be of interest too.

Click on the buttons to view the pages. All photos are the author's unless otherwise credited (where known). Apologies for any omissions.


Early History

Class 89

The Class 89 locomotive


A trip down the line

Current collection

The HSCC Project


Trains on the line

BR Brecknell Willis Highspeed pantograph


The line in 1959

Almost flying

Pantograph aerodynamic tests

Midland Pullman

Midland Pullman

IVA Hamburg

The IVA88 train


Train Performance 1965


ATP trials

From the press

Snippets of interest

Serco Railtest

Serco Railtest Days




The Pendolino



How it's changed

Then and now

R & DD

BR Research 

What's happening?

The Present 

How we operated Old Dalby

BR's Operational Details


European Train Control System

Staged accident

Nuclear Flask Test

A good read

Further reading

Talk to me


Other interesting sites



BR's other test track  


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Any omissions are purely accidental and apologies are offered to anybody affected.

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