The Brush Class 89 Co-Co AC electric locomotive

The locomotive visited the test track in April 1987 to evaluate its pantograph aerodynamics and was tested at up to 95 mile/h. This was the maximum speed of the class 47 which was used to propel the locomotive. See the aerodynamic tuning page for photographs of the 89 and also the pioneer class 90 during their pantograph tuning tests.

It returned in May 1988 as part of the IVA88 special train, which was subject to some braking trials at Old Dalby, prior to being despatched to Hamburg.

Here are a few pictures of the loco at Old Dalby and elsewhere.

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On the way

89001 stops at adverse signals at Syston Jcn on its way to Old Dalby hauled by a class 45 on April 13th 1987

David Wilcock

Aerodynamic test 1987

On its first visit to the test track the locomotive is pictured just south of the Control Centre whilst undertaking aerodynamic pantograph tuning.

Author's collection

RTC Weighbridge

The locomotive in the weighbridge at the Railway Technical Centre in May 1988 prior to its second trip to Old Dalby

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Top of the straight

89001 stands at the head of the special IVA88 train near Folly Hall curve on Friday 20th May 1988

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Class 89 leading

89001 with the train pictured outside Stanton Tunnel


Tourcoing In May 1988 it was a long way from the ECML. Pictured on May 24th 1988 at Tourcoing on the Belgian/French border en route for Hamburg - see the IVA88 page for details 


Ally Pally On its first journey in passenger service the locomotive passes Alexandra Palace station on 15th July 1988 heading the 17.25 KX to Peterborough train. Note the polished buffer heads which were done as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of Mallard's high speed run on 3rd July 1988. Author Stafford Twelve months earlier the loco was pictured passing Stafford on a test run with a train of BREL's 'International' coaches in tow. Steve Jones
Stafford again

With Test Car 'Prometheus' monitoring pantograph performance the loco heads south through Stafford in 1987 Steve Jones

Hornsey The loco is seen here out of service at Hornsey Depot during the early part of 1990 when it was unloved and unused. Author

The locomotive was used for a few years alongside the Class 91's on the KX- Leeds services.

From 2000 the loco was withdrawn following serious traction motor defects and in late 2001 it was transferred to Bombardier's works at Doncaster where it was stored out of service.
However in mid-2004 with the imminent redevelopment of  the Doncaster site, 89001 was facing homelessness. Following discussions between GNER's engineering team and The AC Locomotive Group, it was offered a home at Barrow Hill, alongside their existing heritage electric fleet. It made its move by road from Doncaster Works to Barrow Hill on the morning of 17th December 2004.

89001 will remain in store in the Group's care for the foreseeable future and will be kept presentable and secure. It has now been re-painted into InterCity livery and is being considered for complete restoration to running condition.

Crewe 10-9-05

89001 pictured at the 'Great Gathering' at Crewe Works on 10th September 2005


Just like old times

Back in InterCity livery and pictured at the Barrow Hill beer festival on 17th May 2008


See the Class 89 page on my Testing Site for more information and pictures


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