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The line is leased by LUL in order to test and commission the next generation of London Underground trains, known as Sub Surface Lines (SSL) trains. Serco Assurance were awarded the contract to manage the whole of the test track of behalf of LUL which will give them the opportunity to attract other interested parties to the line.

In October 2013 the BRB Residuary was abolished and the line passed to NR ownership.

March 2015

7X09 1147 Old Dalby - West Ruislip down to run Monday 30th as is 3Z10/3Z11 (WTT path - 1015 onto test track, 1628 back to Derby) with UTU2 and a 37 with DBSO. 3Z10 again booked on Wednesday 1st with the Plain Line Pattern Recognition 2 (PLPR2) set, this should be top and tail 67's but not 100% definite on that. 1015 onto the branch, spends a day or so undergoing calibration runs on the full length of the line then back to Derby at 1628 on Thursday 2nd.

No Freightliner moves planned for this coming week.

Last week was looking absolutely bananas with movements from Freightliner, GBRf and Network Rail all scheduled to run, some on the same days. The 20's will now arrive with the barrier wagons Monday morning before working 7X09 to Amersham/West Ruislip. The 387 movement will now take place on Tuesday 24th, however there is also a 387 being moved from Old Dalby back to Derby for rectification work on Monday too.

I have included the full timings (via Real Time Trains) below, with headcodes/details above each link, for all presently known workings this week.

6M24 Derby Litchurch Lane - Old Dalby (GBRf 20's + barrier wagons)
7X09 Old Dalby - Amersham (GBRf 20's, barriers + S-Stock)
6M72 Crewe Basford Hall - Old Dalby (Freightliner loco + barrier wagons)
7X33 Old Dalby - Derby Litchurch Lane (Freightliner loco, barriers + class 387 EMU)
6M72 Derby Litchurch Lane - Old Dalby (Freightliner loco + barrier wagons)
7X33 Old Dalby - Bletchley (Freightliner loco, barriers + class 387 EMU)
6M24 (no timings available yet, GBRf 20's + barrier wagons, AM arrival)
7X09 Old Dalby - Amersham (GBRf 20's, barriers + S-Stock)
No booked trains
3Z10 Derby RTC - Old Dalby (Class 31 or 37 + Ultrasonic Test Unit + DBSO)
7X23 Derby Litchurch Lane - Old Dalby (GBRf 20's, barriers + S-Stock)
3Z11 Old Dalby - Derby RTC (Class 31 or 37 + Ultrasonic Test Unit + DBSO)
6??? Old Dalby - Derby/Barrow Hill (no timings available yet, GBRf 20's + barrier wagons, late afternoon departure)

The return 3Z11 on Friday is now running as 1Q11, still 3Z10 outward though. It transpires it is booked for top and tail 37's with the Plain Line Pattern Recognition 2 (PLPR2) set, comprising five coaches.

Above info courtesy Ben Wheeler

Freightliner were booked to move a class 387 unit from Old Dalby to Bletchley on Friday morning 20th but it didn't take place. The barrier wagons failed to arrive from Crewe so the job was caped.

The 20's were  also expected to arrive with barriers from Derby in the morning in readiness for Monday 23rd's 7X09 but they failed to turn up.

March 2nd saw 31233 & 97301 top and tail 3Z10 Derby - Old Dalby & 3Z11 return hauling UTU1, UTU3 & SGT2, a mammoth consist comprising eight vehicles. The following day saw 950001 visit late morning with a hastily arranged calibration run following attention at the RTC, arriving around 1100 and departing late afternoon back to Derby.

Friday 12th saw the first of the new class 800 IEP's arrive at Asfordby Depot, by road instead of rail as the unit is not yet passed to be hauled over mainline metals. GBRf's 66751 ran light engine from Peterborough the same morning to shunt the unit and to allow staff training prior to class 800 transfers to/from Old Dalby commencing properly by rail. It is believed that all of them are to be tested here.

Also, some brilliant pictures have emerged on the web of 47714 shunting the new IEP train (now numbered 800001) at Asfordby on Friday 20th. These can be found on Flickr through the following link: Old Dalby

A photo of the yard at Asfordby on 13th March 2015 with the IEP behind the class 47

Iain Wright

3Z10/11 ran again on Monday 16th, worked by 37402 & DBSO. It is scheduled once again for March 30th in the now regular earlier path (0800 arrival at Melton from Derby, 1628 return from Old Dalby).

Finally Harbury Cutting, which closed for over a month due to a landslide, is expected to reopen at the end of this week and with it should see the resumption of regular SSL movements between Old Dalby, West Ruislip and Derby. 7X09 to West Ruislip is scheduled for Monday and Wednesday next week and 7X23 from Derby to Old Dalby on the Friday. Freightliner continue to operate bi-regularly 'Electrostar' movements between Derby, Old Dalby and Bletchley using 66's, a few of which have run in daylight just recently.

February 2015

The test track has now acquired its own independent power supply courtesy of UK Power Reserve

A visit to Widmerpool on Thursday morning 5th Feb found a lot going on in the old goods yard - machines and plenty of people in orange working but not clear what they were all doing!

January 2015

Network Rail TRU / class 150 No. 950001 due to visit this week, arrives early on Thursday 29th morning and will remain on the line for equipment calibration until Friday afternoon. Outward path is 2Z08 of which the timings can be found below, the return is the normal 3Z11 path departing at 1628 back to Derby.

Only S-stock move this week is Friday 30th's 7X23 0933 Litchurch Lane - Old Dalby. Currently 20107, 096 & 118, 132 are in use. 901/905 are at present based in the south for GBRf de-icing trains. 311 & 314 are both out of traffic at Barrow Hill.

3Z10 ran on Tuesday 20th with 37402 & 37425 top and tail, returning to Derby in the evening.


Overhead Line for GWML system testing - look here for an article from Rail Technology Magazine July 2014

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