The Present 2016

For details and photos of test train running before 2016 see the index here.

The line is leased by LUL in order to test and commission the next generation of London Underground trains, known as Sub Surface Lines (SSL) trains. Serco Assurance were awarded the contract to manage the whole of the test track of behalf of LUL which will give them the opportunity to attract other interested parties to the line.

In October 2013 the BRB Residuary was abolished and the line passed to NR ownership

March 2016

Photos Courtesy Neil Booton

66751 heads out of Asfordby Tunnel on its way back to Peterborough seen at Asfordby Hill

37219 brings 3Z10 onto the test track at Asfordby - one hour late

37219 heads north

37219 heads for Edwalton

37219 at the buffer stops at  Edwalton - the end of the line

Close up of the instrumentation on one of the ultrasonic test coaches

37421 at Edwalton

37421 heads south from Plumtree

One of the IEP;s was about too

IEP at Asfordby depot on 21st March 2016

Iain Wright

321's on test on 21st March - 321448 is the Eversholt Rail's demonstrator unit, testing new ac traction motors as part the 321 refurbishment programme

Thanks to Andrew Goffin for above info

321448 on the test track on 21st March 2016

Iain Wright

321352 outside the depot at Asfordby on 21st March 2016

Iain Wright

321448 on the test track on 21st March 2016

Iain Wright


321448 on the test track on 14th March 2016

Iain Wright

Track Recording Unit 950001 is arriving on the evening of 9th March for two days of calibration following a rather extensive mechanical and cosmetic overhaul at Derby RTC. It is in a new livery as well as sporting some interesting cab gear. Timings here.

Thursday 3rd's 321 move was booked for privately-owned BR green 47773 on hire to ROG and not 37884. Full timings here.

DRS 37667 worked 3Z10 Monday 29th and 3Z11 on Tuesday 1st with UTU3.

321352 outside the depot on 3rd March 2016

Iain Wright

February 2016

Most of  w/c 22nd February's IEP mainline runs did not materialise but finally 800001 was let loose under its own power on Thursday night 3rd March , working 5X08 Old Dalby - Doncaster and then the 5X10 return on Friday. There is a nice video of it passing Oakham on Facebook

A huge wealth of activity this coming week is planned. A second phase of mainline IEP testing is due to take place, timings for this can be found here. Also running is 3Z10, booked for a class 37 & DBSO with UTU3 and scheduled to run on the morning of 29th. This is in the usual early morning path and then returns to the RTC on Tuesday evening 1st March, again timings can be found here.

7X09 was scheduled to run as per normal on Wednesday 2nd March to West Ruislip, the current loco ensemble on these trains are 20132 & 20096 top and tailed with 20107 & 20314. 20901 & 905 are still in the south for SITT (snow clearing train) duties whilst 20118 & 311 are at Barrow Hill undergoing maintenance.

Lastly and most interestingly, Thursday 3rd saw the first ever visit of a class 37/8 to the line when Rail Operations Group (ROG) hauled the second class 321 unit to the line from Ilford. 37884 carries the striking Europhoenix livery (of which the loco is on long term hire from) and has specially modified couplings to allow it to directly couple to units without the need for translator vehicles.

The 321 currently at Asfordby has had its stay extended and is in fact scheduled to leave after the second one has been returned to London.

IEP set No:800001 passes Normanton, just south of Plumtree, on a southbound test run on 22nd February 2016

Iain Wright

January 2016

3Z10 ran on Monday 25th with BR green 37057 (D6757) doing the honours but in the later WTT path (0834 off Derby RTC) which was just over an hour late arriving into Melton, then the 3Z11 1628 return.



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