Most of the stations had closed to passenger traffic following the Second World War, Edwalton closed 'temporarily' on 28th July 1941 and never officially re-opened but Grimston and Old Dalby survived a little longer.

The stations were closed as follows:


Closed to Passengers

Goods traffic ceased

Upper Broughton

May 31st 1948



February 28th 1949

November 1965


February 28th 1949

November 1965


February 1949

March 1965


December 29th 1956

February 1957

Old Dalby

April 16th 1966

November 4th 1968

Although freight traffic at Old Dalby had already ceased in 1968 the station survived mainly due to the traffic for the army depot. However, once Dr Beeching began to swing his axe, the line was doomed and it was closed as a through route in November 1968 although it remained partially open from the south to service the Old Dalby army depot. It was finally closed completely in 1969.

Station forecourt

The station approach at Old Dalby pictured on the last day of December 1968 - note the BMC 1100 parked outside the station.

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and again

The view two weeks earlier looking in the opposite direction. This time the photographer came in a Ford Anglia 105E.

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