The Class 390 - Pendolino

The line closed in early 2000 for the long-awaited upgrade and was re-opened in the summer of 2001. Alstom’s new Class 390 Pendolino was one of the first trains to use the new facility and had its official launch on 7th July 2001. Altogether 53 Pendolinos were tested and commissioned on the test track between 2001 and 2005.

Here are some pictures of the new trains in action at Old Dalby and elsewhere! My thanks to Virgin Trains and Milepost 92˝ for permission to use their images of the unit at Old Dalby.

For some more pictures of the Pendolino at Old Dalby have a look at Colin Marsden's site .

Look here for more pictures of Pendolino and Network Rail/Serco test trains between 2000 and 2005

Click on the image for a bigger picture. Pictures are courtesy Virgin Trains/Milepost 92˝ except where indicated

Grimston Tunnel

In the summer of 2001 Pendolino set No PS02 approaches Grimston Tunnel on a northbound trip

Up the bank

Pendolino set PS02 heads up the bank between Old Dalby and Upper Broughton in the summer of 2001


In the summer of 2001 Pendolino set No PS02 is pictured between the former Widmerpool station and the A46 road bridge heading south. The additional line for ETCS testing is on the right with masts but as yet no wiring.

Folly Hall

Set No PS02 approaches Folly Hall curve at the top of the Widmerpool straight heading south

Grimston Tunnel north end PS02 leaves Grimston Tunnel on a northbound trip

Plumtree curves

On 16th July 2001, a Class 390 'Pendolino' heads north through the curves, heading for Plumtree, with the A606 Nottingham to Melton road in the background.

Andrew Royle

Upper Broughton

Pictured heading south at Upper Broughton on the original formation. Note the absence of cant on the curves to better assess the tilt ability of the train


Pendolino set 'City of Preston' is pictured on 6th August 2002 just to the south of Preston station on WCML whilst being loco-hauled en route to the north



In the summer of 2002, a Pendolino set is pictured at Tebay in company with a class 221 Super Voyager. They were awaiting the start of the overnight high speed tilting test programme. Author


On 10th October 2002 an unidentified Pendolino set departs from the Up loop at Carnforth on a driver training run to Carlisle.



An unidentified Class 390 set heads away from the end of the electrification at Plumtree towards Asfordby in early September 2003.

Andrew Royle

  Northbound on a Friday evening A Pendolino set leans to the curve at Dodford Road north of Weedon on a Friday evening service in June 2005.


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