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We are all indebted to the many photographers who snapped various sights on this particular stretch of line. In particular Gordon (Tommy) Hepburn, who lived in Keyworth, near Plumtree, and who took numerous photos on the line over a long period between 1930's and 1960's. Also amongst those who were there in the latter days of the steam era are Peter Groom, John Oxley and Noel Ingram. Added to these are those keen latter-day railwaymen who took their camera along when working at the test track.

Since the Old Dalby site has been running I have had help and encouragement from a number of people, not to mention positive comments. Many people and organisations have kindly put in links to this site. I would like to acknowledge that help and link to their sites, where appropriate:

To Brian Stephenson who runs  Rail Archive Stephenson (RAS) of Ashford, Kent and who holds the Hepburn collection.

To Paul Frost, formerly of the Engineering Consultancy Parsons Brinckerhoff, who has allowed me to use numerous photographs of the upgrade without which the site would be much the poorer.
To my many railway colleagues who have allowed their photographs to be used on the site.

I am also grateful to Rob Flint who has clarified some details related to the Edwalton end of the line and to Graham Bland who pointed out some minor errors re-various the steam-hauled expresses pictured on the site.

To the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society (RCTS) for use of photographs from the Courtney Haydon collection
To Serco Assurance for permission to use information from their publicity handouts
A word of sincere thanks to Neil Booton and Ben Wheeler for their excellent photos of activities at the test track today and over the last few years.


Railway photographic site 'Milepost 92', Newton Harcourt. Leics. Http://

Colin Marsden has assisted with the supply of photographs of the test track and RTC. He also hosts a comprehensive railway site with some pictures of BR in the 1970's at

The ATP-E Support Group at includes a number of pictures of E-Train at Old Dalby

The APT-P Support Team at http://

Tony Woof has a website at
Dave Bower who has recently published a book about his days at the RTC
The Belvoir Brewery is a recently built pub and brewery on the old army base at Old Dalby. I can recommend it for food and beer having eaten there myself. Look at their site for more details.
A site of local interest is hosted by Craig Adamson and looks at the railways of Nottinghamshire including the line to Melton. Have a look at but this is currently undergoing a major re-build and is effectively off-line.
Another interesting and comprehensive site includes some of the departmental stock used at the test track over the years - have a look at this link
I have also found a site about the LNER lines around Melton Mowbray - have a look here

I host another site related to my career as a railwayman at which includes the prototype HST, Class 150 and 151 Sprinters, IC225 and many many more, which you may find of interest.

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