The Alstom/Serco/Metronet years 2005-2012

Following Alstom's abandoning of the test track a number of Serco/NR test trains operated on the line prior to the changes when Metronet moved in.

The line is now leased by Metronet (now LUL) in order to test and commission the next generation of London Underground trains, known as Sub Surface Lines (SSL) trains.

Serco Assurance were awarded the contract to manage the whole of the test track of behalf of Metronet (LUL), which gave them the opportunity to attract other interested parties to the line but there have not been many takers.

Since October 3012 NR have taken over following the demise of BRB Residuary and are starting some preliminary works c2013

The recent past is summarised below - click the link for information and pictures


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