Some pictures of the former Plumtree station area.

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The Up side station buildings pictured in 1908

Real Photos

Signal box 

A picture of the signal box at Plumtree taken in 1957 with the goods shed in the background. This was on the Down side just at the south end of the platform

Alan Johnson

The station in 1966 taken from the south. The Down side buildings and the signal box have gone at this stage.

Note the stored trolley buses - see link below for more photos

Author's collection


A distant view of the facilities at Plumtree looking north in the 1960s

Courtney Haydon Collection R.C.T.S.


Taken in 1966 from one of the last service trains to traverse the route. The signal box is presumably still there as evidenced by the Up starter

M J Chapman

Station Yard

A view of the yard after closure showing the weighbridge


The station buildings shown c1975 when the test track was in daily use. The trolley bus museum had gone by this time

Reg Baker

The rear of the station buildings in 1975. The fence shown in the previous picture as seen at the LH end of the building. Apparently the main station was occupied at this time


1987 A general view of the rear of former station buildings in 1987 looking north - now converted into 'Perkins Restaurant'. Front 1987 A 1987 view across the front of the station building reveals a tasteful restoration, now spoilt by the addition of a conservatory
.1987 A close-up of the restored station frontage with typical Midland Railway windows  Rear A general view of the rear of the former station from the south
 Entrance A close up of the entrance doorway on the road side Goods shed 1987 The goods shed at Plumtree was a substantial brick building and was pictured in 1987
  Detail of the goods shed windows in 1987  Goods shed 1987 The goods shed from the north in 1987 - now restored and converted but with a large building added to the north end
 Weighbridge The weighbridge at Plumtree looked a bit worse for wear in 1987 Provender The provender store was remarkably intact when pictured in 1987 but has now disappeared.
 Provender 1987 Another view showing a bit of graffiti


Recent aerial view of former station area showing goods shed and provender store


Bistro Recent aerial view of former station showing original weighbridge in top RH corner



The digital radio mast near Plumtree - now dismantled

Paul Frost (Parsons Brinckerhoff)

Survivor Still extant, this is the weighbridge on 12th March 2010 looking better than in 1987 Carriage Hall

The former goods shed looking from the south on 12th March 2010, now the Carriage Hall wedding venue

North Looking north from the Up platform in 2010 Rear

The rear of the station buildings in March 2010

South Looking south from the Up platform in 2010 - note the conservatory of the former Up platform Looking North

The front of the station buildings in March 2010 showing the conservatory

Cattle dock The site of the cattle dock in 2010 Front

View of the station front from the north side

In the 1960's the East Midlands Transport Society leased the goods yard at Plumtree with the intention of establishing a transport museum there. However the limitations of the site saw the project eventually fail and most of the trolleybuses went to Sandtoft.

The team behind the award winning Perkins Restaurant have now restored and converted the old Victorian goods shed building to create 'Nottingham's most striking and unique function space'.

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