The Leyland Experimental Vehicle (LEV)

The forerunner of all those nasty railbuses was the Leyland Experimental Vehicle, a joint venture between Leyland and BR to combine the worst features of rail and bus. Here are some pictures of the some of the early railbuses at the RTC and at the test track.

There were five single car railbuses built and which BR had on trial and miraculously they have all survived - look here for information and pictures.

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First trials non-powered

The first LEV was un-powered and is shown here in the sidings at the RTC around 1978

Author's collection

Outside Test Hall A bigger and better picture at RTC in June 1978

Author's collection

LEV1 LEV1 at the south portal of Stanton Tunnel in 1979

Ian Dinmore

Old Dalby A view of the Wickham version of the railbus (known as R3 and built especially for the USA) at the test track. The vehicle had an overall length of 18.3m rather than the LEV1's 12.3m. It is pictured on the straight between Old Dalby and Grimston, looking north; note the Covered Way and Grimston Tunnel in the background.

This vehicle is still in existence in the USA - look here and here for more info and pictures.

Authors collection

R3 railbus The second BR version of R3 (known as Rb3) pictured at the Control Centre at Old Dalby on test in the early 1980s

Alan Rimmer

For more pictures and information of the various prototype versions look here on on my train testing site

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