The Track Recording Coach (TRC)

Originally known as the High Speed Track Recording Coach this Mk IIF coach was especially converted for the BRB Director of Civil Engineering and was originally operated under the R&DD's control. 

Following major changes within the Research Division in the late 1980's it was transferred to the DM& EE and then to Railtest.

It is fully equipped with living accommodation, full air-conditioning and is used extensively on all main lines to monitor track condition. It can measure various track parameters including rail top, cant gradient, twist, level and alignment at speeds up to 125 mile/h. 

The present TRC is operated by DB Schenker on behalf of Network Rail and was incorporated into the New Measurement Train until replaced by a Mk3 vehicle.

The coach is currently operating on its own again top and tail with whatever motive power is available.

In 2008 TRC still operated regularly, but on a much reduced programme due to the NMT pinching all the long, fast routes. The UFM160 had taken a good chunk of the work on the Southern Region  at least over the bits of line it could run on..

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Original livery

The HSTRC in its original livery is pictured leaving Llandudno Jcn behind 47530.

Graham Donald

Following privatisation in 1997 it was transferred to Serco Railtest who operated it on behalf of Railtrack.

Serco colours

The HSTRC in Serco livery pictured in the yard at RTC


Railtrack colours

Pictured in the hideous Railtrack livery at RTC


Another shot of the awful livery on TRC in the EDU

NMT passing Duffield

Here it is in all-over yellow - its latest guise - in the NMT passing Duffield en route to Derby in early 2003. The coach has now been removed from the NMT and replaced by a Mk3 vehicle.

D Bower


The NMT pictured at Broadholme near Belper, derbyshire at 8.15 am on 11th June 2006 comprising entirely of Mk3 vehicles.


TRC is in the formation of this test train pictured at Wingfield on 23rd January 2007

TRC again

Believe me but TRC is in the formation of this test train pictured at Chalkwell on the GE line to Southend on August 2nd 2007

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