Edwalton and area

Some pictures of the former Edwalton station and some recent pictures of the site today.

The north end of the line was not electrified thanks to Kenneth Clarke MP who managed to stop the masts just south of Plumtree.

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From above

An aerial view of Edwalton village in the 1930s. The railway runs north to south on the LHS of picture with the goods shed prominent, with the signal box opposite. Towards the top of the site can be seen the Up side station building and Machins Lane bridge beyond.

Melton Road bridge (A606)  is at the bottom of the picture and Edlwalton Hall centre right



Edwalton Station pictured in the summer of 1949 looking from the Down platform towards Nottingham. This part of the route was not included in the test track plans and now has an up-market housing development built on the site. The access road, 'Edwalton Lodge Close'  runs along the old track bed from its junction with the A606 just north of the old railway bridge (behind the camera). The bridge in the background has long since gone and carried Machins Lane over the line towards Lodge Farm and from which a gate gave access to the Up platform. See here for some personal reminiscences of Edwalton station

Note the  'wrong-line' shunting signal under the bridge, presumably for the brickworks sidings, and the Up Home signal 'off'.

Doug Thompson

Station & goods yard

The station looking south from the Down platform on a summer's evening in the 1950s. Note the goods shed and weighbridge in the left background. There appear to be a number of wagons in the sidings

See here for a map of the area in 1940s.



Edwalton station looking south in January 1966

Courtney Haydon Collection RTCS

Up platform

The view of the Up platform from a passing train in 1966.

M J Chapman

Station site The site of Edwalton station today - the line of the trackbed can be seen running top to bottom of the picture. This is now occupied by an up-market housing development built in the early 1980s. The road running parallel on the right is Machins Lane, the new road accessing the housing is called Edwalton Lodge Road and joins the A606 at its south end next to the old railway bridge. The bridge at the north end where Machins Lane crossed the railway towards Lodge Farm has been removed.
North The station site on 12th March 2010 looking north. Machins Lane would be on the right behind the trees
Edwalton A bit closer to where the Up side station building was situated on the grassy bank
South Looking south towards the site of the A606 overbridge - now all filled in
Edwalton Lodge Road The site of the overbridge on the A606 with Edwalton Lodge Road running off to the left
Once a railway? Looking south from the former overbridge - the original formation can be made out - just

More pictures will be added as time permits


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