Crashworthiness testing October 1994

In October 1994 a number of crashworthiness tests were carried out in the vicinity of Widmerpool station

Following the Clapham Junction collision in December 1988, it was decreed that BR should investigate the use of anti-override devices to be fitted at the end of vehicles in order to reduce casualties in the event of a collision as well as 'crumple zones' similar to those employed in the motor industry

The popular TV programme 'Tomorrow's World' featured the tests and the following pictures are taken from the programme 

One train of redundant parcels coaches was static and the other was propelled into it at approx 40 mile/h


Presenter Carol Vorderman does a piece to camera in the yard at Old Dalby

The two test trains at Widmerpool
The static test train - note the skeletal crumple zone and the anti-override pads in red Test train being propelled towards the static train at speed - note the anti-override pads in red

the results a closer view

View down the train after the collision showing the crumple zones

anti override pads engaged
Some of the test team (s)    

Today, most modern rolling stock feature anti-override devices

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