Upper Broughton station area

Some pictures of the changes in the Upper Broughton area

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c1890 Upper Broughton station c1890. View from the Down platform showing the Up station building, the station approach path and stationmasters house which was behind the booking hall on the roadside above. All very neat and tidy with flower beds and shrubs etc

Note what appears to be signal/point levers on the platform and a crank in the cess below a gap in the Up platform frontage.

There was rumoured to be a siding here at one time but these levers would seem to be a long way from any pointwork and unprotected.


Upper Broughton The Down platform probably on the same day as the above photograph

EM Photographic Record

1923 Members of staff pose for the photographer outside the Up platform building c1923. Again note the tidy appearance, white paling fence - plenty of time between trains to keep the place in good order.


Circa 1948 Upper Broughton Station circa 1948 looking south with a milk churn awaiting collection on the Up platform. In the background the Army bases at Old Dalby can be discerned


Evidence of track work on Upper Broughton curve Down line after closure in 1969. The Up line was  lifted before the test track opened

David Ford Collection

Looking south A view from the 70s looking through the bridge arch at the wooden shed on the remains of the old Down platform. This was used to house instrumentation during the APT-E testing


Looking south 1999 Looking southwards from the road overbridge to the site of Upper Broughton station in the summer of 1999. The trees obscure the few remains of the old platforms. Looking south 1999 By September 2000 the undergrowth had been cut back and the double track bed restored. A concrete retaining wall had also been installed on the Up side
Looking north Sept 2000  Looking north at the same time reveals another smaller retaining wall and the restored track bed Looking south June 2001 Looking south in June 2001 shows the work well advanced. The undergrowth has gone and the former Down line is fully electrified with the Up line soon to follow.
On the road above 

A sunny evening in June 2001 at Upper Broughton.

This view shows that the centre-portion of the bridge parapet has gained some extra height as a precaution against items being dangled onto the overhead line.

The former station roadside booking office buildings are visible in the background as is the former stationmaster's house.

 Booking office Upper Broughton Station buildings were situated on the roadside above the platforms. They were in remarkably good condition when photographed in summer 1999, even having traces of the original 'Booking Hall' lettering on the main doors. When the author first visited this site in 1974 they were derelict but still contained the original ticket racks.
Looking north June 2001 Apart from the tracks the northbound view in June 2001 looks very similar to that of September 2000 Booking Hall door A close-up of the door in January 2007 showing the outline of the words 'Booking Hall'
Station Building A closer view of the station building in January 2007 - note the different architectural style of the smaller extension. Looking south 2007 The view looking south from the overbridge showing the state of the line with both tracks having OHLE. Taken in the snow on 24th January 2007 this is the location of the original station.

The left hand track on this part of the line was to be electrified at 750v DC on the 3rd and 4th rail systems for Metronet to test the tube trains in 2009 

Looking north 2007 The view looking north from the overbridge in the snow on 24th January 2007

The right hand track on this part of the line was to be electrified on the 3rd and 4th rail systems for Metronet to test the tube trains in 2009

Next stop District Line The view looking north from the bridge at Upper Broughton on 24th January 2009
Mind the doors please! The view looking south from the bridge on Sunday 24th January 2009 sat the site of the station platforms showing the third and fourth rails in place. Note the changeover and gaps in the conductor rails - all fitted for test purposes Station buildings The roadside station building in January 2009 seem none the worse for the passage of time apart from the green moss-covered roof
Station Master lived here The former station house on 24th January 2009 Closer view A closer view of the roadside booking hall building
Broughton The view of the buildings from the east side Old platform

This view looking south on 9th April 2010 shows the remains of the former Down platform

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